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Belhar CBD - Pockets 11 and 8A

Project complete

Adjacent to the University of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Belhar is a mixed-use, high-density residential project valued at R1,3 billion. The phased development will consist of approximately 3 616 units comprising various types of residential units and forms of tenure that have specific economic target markets of social housing (subsidised rental), open market rental units, student accommodation, open market GAP units as well as a small number of freestanding open market bonded units. The total land area is 30,3 ha.

The client, Calgro M3 Developments, will incorporate various energy saving technologies such as solar water heaters, heat pumps, improved insulation, gas, etc. Residential recycling projects, food gardening and urban greening initiatives are also being considered. Besides the green component, these measures will reduce electricity demand by the development and make the township socially and visually more attractive.

Inani was appointed to provide civil engineering services consisting of the upgrading of bulk and link infrastructure, bulk earthworks, construction of roads and parking, stormwater, sewer, water, sanitation and fire reticulation for the residential development of multi-storey walk-ups.

The positioning of buildings and the narrowly spaced parking layout required careful planning to ensure a practical roll-out. In general, these types of developments are cost sensitive and services need to be carefully planned.

Inani carefully determined the building platforms heights for each building to ensure that the earthworks cost and related building costs are kept as low as possible. The shape and the different orientation of the buildings made the drainage design and a user-friendly level interface between ground floors and parking areas challenging.

The stormwater solution involved designing numerous high points on the roads, creating multiple sub catchments for effective surface drainage off the site and to enable piped connections.

Duration: Pocket 11: 18 months, Pocket 8A: 7 months

Project value: Civil component for Pocket 11: R 8.5 million, civil component for Pocket 8A: R 3.3 million

The Yacht Club

Project complete

The Yacht Club is an iconic mixed-use development strategically positioned at the gateway to Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. A stone’s throw from the International Convention Centre (CTICC) and on the doorstep of the city’s financial hub, The Yacht Club offers a matchless opportunity for a vibrant New Urban lifestyle in Cape Town. With breath-taking views of the mother city and harbour, this prestigious foreshore development comprises two towers of modern apartments along with the AC Hotel by Marriott, set on a podium of premium-grade office space.

Amdec Property Developments appointed Inani Infrastructure as the Civil Engineers for the design and implementation of civil building services and roadworks.

Working in restricted space areas and dealing with the adjacent canal water levels posed some challenges, but we delivered on time and provided innovative designs for the roadworks and overall stormwater management.

Duration: 26 months

Project value: R1,3 billion

Forest Mews Residential Development

Project complete

The client, Asrin Property Developers, appointed Inani Infrastructure to assist with the residential development of Forest Mews.

The scope of works on this project included bulk earthworks platform and civil services designs for multiple three-storey walk-ups in the private residential estate. Inani’s services design included the reticulation of water, sanitation, fire, stormwater drainage and associated roads and parking areas.

Due to the shallow levels of the surrounding existing infrastructure, there were obstacles to overcome in order to connect and prevent clashes of gravity services. The bulk earthworks solution was optimised to minimise the requirement of imported fill material to obtain required drainage levels. An analysis was done of the final ground floor level of each building. This enabled Inani to add value by minimising the ground floor height of each building to reduce building costs whilst maintaining a user-friendly interface with the parking and road levels without compromising surface drainage.

For storm water management Inani produced and effective and functional dual catchment attenuation and polishing system within the limit space available on site.

Duration:  14 months

Project value: R7 million (civil construction component)

We Buy Cars

Project complete

The client, Atterbury Properties, was appointed to develop a retail warehouse facility for We Buy Cars, to be utilised as storage for their motor vehicle sales. This facility is located on the Bottelary Road, Brackenfell just off the R300 in Cape Town.

Operating under the structural engineers, De Villiers Consulting, Inani was appointed to undertake the civil engineering design aspects on this project that included bulk earthworks and services such as water, fire, stormwater, sanitation, subsoil drains and roadworks.

Inani produced an optimised earthworks design, minimising the requirement for imported fill material for site drainage levels to work. The stormwater attenuation challenge was solved by dividing the site into two catchments where a normal attenuation pond and a permeable paving solution was implemented in parallel.

The client required the warehouse to be operational by December 2019 that resulted in challenging timelines for both the completion of designs and construction. Inani dedicated key resources in order to meet these timelines. With great teamwork between the project consultants and the contractors, all did an outstanding job to complete the project on the expected deadline.

Duration: 11 months (including the planning phase)

Project value: R7.9 million for the civil component

Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Housing, Farm 1438

in development

Our client, the City of Cape Town, intends to develop 3,4 ha of land into an integrated housing development which will make provision for 307 BNG housing opportunities of varying typology. The development will also provide facilities and amenities as dictated by Provincial to enhance the lifestyle of the beneficiaries.

Inani was appointed as part of the professional team as the engineers to design and implementation of the civil and electrical infrastructure.

Challenges on the project include a fairly steep sloped site and rocky outcrops. Proximity to exiting residential suburbs present additional health and safety considerations.

The Contractor for the Bulk, and internal roads and services has commenced in September 2021.

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Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Project complete

Our client, Stefanutti Stocks Contractors, was awarded a turn-key tender for the development of pharmaceutical warehouses for USAID in the three towns of Erego, Mocuba and Mopeia in rural Mozambique.

Inani was appointed for the civil engineering aspects that included the earthworks design, providing a stormwater surface runoff solution, layer work designs for the roadworks as well as the initial planning for water and sanitation services. Inani also completed truck turning simulations for each of the sites that provided valuable inputs for optimal circulation layouts in order to save road building costs.

Working across border, the language and communication barriers posed challenges on this project. Typically test results had to be translated from Portuguese to English for interpretation. Importing materials was expensive due to the remoteness of the three sites. Inani provided innovative solutions for the layer work designs that was cost-effective and practical, using available material from local quarries near the remote sites.

Inani further optimised the earthwork designs to suit the drainage and existing tie-in levels for the different sites with varied site layout and docking requirements.

Duration: 12 months

Project value: Civil component: R18 million (R6 million per site)

Vlakteplaas Housing Project

In development

Our client, the City of Cape Town, has made available 123 ha of land for the development of approximately 4 500 residential opportunities through the Integrated Residential Development programme.

Inani was appointed as the civil and electrical engineers to design all bulk and link infrastructure. Our scope of work includes design, procurement and overseeing the construction phase of the bulk and link infrastructure.

We are working with two professional teams between the bulk and internal works, as well as dealing with various external technical challenges such as bulk water and bulk electrical services crossing the site.

Rusthof Infill Housing

In development

Our client, the City of Cape Town, intends to develop 4,5 ha of land portions into integrated housing developments with an estimated 368 erven.

Inani was appointed as the engineers to plan, design, procure and implement the internal and bulk infrastructure of the Rusthof Infill Housing Project.


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